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Preserved, green wall panels made from reindeer moss

Preserved Nordic moss is the basis of reindeer moss wall. The bright, intense colors look particularly good on large surfaces.

Material thickness: 12mm MDF, 1-3mm adhesive, 15mm+ of greenery
Weight: 13kg/m²
Installation Options: Private rooms: living room, bedroom, dining area
Public buildings: entrance halls

Office buildings: lobbies, conference rooms, workstations
Sound Insulation: High (certified according to ISO 354: noise reduction coefficient NRC = 0.5, i.e. 50% of the sound is absorbed).


Product details of reindeer moss walls:

A colored highlight of northern moss that not only improves the indoor climate but can also have a positive impact on health: Reindeer moss, whose Latin name is cladonia stellaris, is proven to help respiratory conditions. The panels also have a sound-insulating quality because the soft carpet of reindeer moss absorbs noise and thus ensures a pleasant and natural atmosphere for any room. A unique design, different colors and individual dimensions make this 3D interior decoration a unique piece vertical greenery.

Thanks to the special preservation process, the reindeer moss panels as with all wall coverings by styleGREEN are 100% natural and require neither water nor care. That also means no additional costs. The wide color spectrum ranges from fresh yellow to intense purple and bright blue and looks especially good on large surfaces, whether in the bedroom, dining room or a conference room. Depending on the choice of colors, this innovative vertical greenery can transform a wall into a piece of calming Icelandic nature and into a lively, colorful object of modern art.

One Response to Preserved, green wall panels made from reindeer moss

  1. Timea Szucs


    I am so impressed by this moss walls, especially by reindeer moss, they look so good and the smell is so relaxing, I smell them on Milan Design Week, I like them so much. Can you please give me a price for this type, reindeer moss, for 1 meter square and some tips how they can be multiplied.

    Timea Szucs

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