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Moss and plant wall for greenery wall of interior spaces

The moss and plant wall, reminiscent of a forest meadow is completely planted with flat moss. Individual clumps of pole moss add accents and plant islands provide for visual highlights. Alternatively, we can design the greenery upon request to flow continuously instead of having individual islands.

Material Thickness: 12mm MDF, 1-3mm adhesive, 30mm+ of greenery
Weight: 17kg/m²
Installation Options: Private rooms: Living room, bedroom, dining areas
Public buildings: entrance halls, waiting rooms

Office buildings: lobbies, conference rooms, work stations
Sound Insulation: Strong


Product details for the moss and plant wall:

Flat moss, pole moss and scattered islands of plants composed of ivy, ferns or eucalyptus transform the wall panel into a densely landscaped, three-dimensional interior garden. This doesn’t only insulate sound and reduce distracting noises but can be designed through individual specifications according to your wishes. The plants are available in the most varied hues and can be chosen and assembled as needed. Thanks to a special preservation process, the plants require no care, light or water. There are also no additional costs. Your fresh greenery remains of course: This creates a natural vertical garden made of soft mosses and plants.

The moss and plant wall has a wide range of applications and creates a forest and meadow atmosphere in bedrooms or living rooms as well as in public buildings. Whether as a sound-insulating wall covering for offices or as a green source of inspiration in your own home: lusciously soft cushion moss and fresh ferns take you on a natural journey – every single day.

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  1. Rivoallan

    Hi dear Madam, dear Sir
    Looking for moss and vegetable lichen for green walls
    I am builder
    send me some technical documents on support + moss and lichen + prices

    Best regards

    F Rivoallan
    Sas B B R
    Rennes France

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