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Jungle wall of evergreen, natural plants

The basis of the jungle wall is a flat moss subsoil, which has been planted very densely with our different types of plants in all the shades of the forest. The result has deceptively real jungle feel perfect for home or office – and all without risks and side effects.

Material Thickness: 12mm MDF, 1-3mm adhesive, 30mm+ of greenery
Weight: 14kg/m²
Installation Options: Private rooms: Living room, bedroom, dining areas
Public buildings: entrance halls

Office buildings: lobbies, conference rooms, work stations
Sound Insulation: Very strong

Product details for the green wall:

The variety of jungle plants are accentuated on a lush flat moss subsoil, their colors alternating between light to dark green and blue-green. The rampantly-planted garden wall covering with a 3D look ensures an evergreen atmosphere in any space and is very versatile. As such, it goes well in private spaces and in the office or the foyer of a public building. Thanks to the sound-insulating effect, the plants reduce any noise and ensure a calm, natural atmosphere. The plant wall is a kind of vertical oasis that creates the feeling of being in a dense jungle full of mosses, ferns and other exotic plants – far from stress and deadlines.

We individually produce the jungle wall using your specified dimensions and customize it according to your personal expectations. Incidentally, all the plants from styleGREEN are preserved in a special process so that the wall panel does not require any maintenance – no light or water required, which means no annoying watering and, of course, no additional costs. Nevertheless, the wall radiates a fresh green everyday and brings a piece of the jungle to your daily life.

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