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Do the plants affect the acoustics in the room?
Yes, they act as a soft, natural material similar sound-insulating elements in the room and reduce both noise and echoing in the space.
Are the plants real?
Yes, all of our plants are real. They are preserved as part of a natural process using glycerine and food coloring and are as such ​​maintenance-free and sustainable.Since our plants are natural products, there may be variations in color and shape.
Are the elements only for walls?
No, we also add green to floors and especially ceilings with our elements.
Can you make edges green?
Individual inquiries are no obstacle for us. We make the edges of objects on a variety of objects green at an additional cost.
Are the products also suitable for private interior spaces?
Yes, some customers also use our plant walls and for private interior spaces – no problem there.
Do the plants require care?
No, no care is necessary.That’s what makes the plants so special.
What happens if they’re in direct sunlight?
Direct sunlight can cause the plants to fade after 2-3 years
Are the plants walls suitable for exterior walls?
Which areas of application are there?
The areas of application for interior spaces are unlimited.As long as the humidity is not greater than 70%, there’s no problem.
Did the plants and the moss have a natural odor?
Since these are natural plants, they do have a natural odor that dissipates over time.